7 Questions For Your Pastor And Elders/Church Leaders -- Letter To Church At Sardis

Featured on Jan 17, 2010

The letter to the church at Sardis -- 7 questions for your church leaders.


The letter to the church at Sardis teaches us that it is entirely possible for us to be in a church that has exciting worship, soul-stirring music, lots of Bible studies, all sorts of programs and activities, warm fellowship — all the trimmings of the modern evangelical church — but the Lord may be saying no, you are part of a Sardian church, a dead church, because it is man-centered, seeker-sensitive, treading lightly or not at all on those truths that might offend people, all a rotten stench in My nostrils.

He says to those ministers and elders: How dare you change my worship and doctrine to tickle the ears of men? How dare you invent "worship styles"? Do you not know what I did to Nadab and Abihu when they dared to do what you are doing?

And to those who attend such churches, He says: How dare you judge a church based on your feelings? “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment” (Jn 7:24). Judge according to God's Word, not your feelings.

Exciting music, an entertaining preacher, youth programs and nice people are not the marks of the true church of Jesus Christ.

Since worship is the most important thing we do, and the church at Sardis is the very picture of many modern evangelical churches, here are 7 questions for your church leaders about worship.

Please study the PDF text, "Biblical Worship."

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Bible Text Revelation 3:1-6
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