God Doesn't Know Doesn't Care? This is what Habakkuk says with his questions


We are still in the introductory process of Romans. "The just shall live by faith" that Paul writes in Romans, actually came from Habakkuk, so, Pastor brings up again the questions that Habakkuk brings to God. These two questions are insulting to God, to say the least. They imply that God is not Omniscient and that He is not absolute, pure good. They imply that God doesn't know what He's doing, and He doesn't care. God is unjust and unfair and doesn't know everything about the situation. As a prophet this is not a good look, and this man admits to doing it by actually writing down his profoundly stupid questions. Reminds me a little of Jonah, and David, and Solomon, and Moses... and Paul. The end of this progressive thinking is to declare God as evil, and this guy starts there. Not, good. But who would ever, in their right mind, do such a thing? You won't like the answer to that question, so I won't be the one to tell you. And that makes me a coward, but it's easy to be a coward when you don't exist. My name is Supper Dave and I'm a nonexistant. I should start a club... with no one in it. But cerealy... this pastor will help you feel good about being an idiot.

If you like it when he talks about Nadab and Abihu, first day on the job, in their little McDonald's uniforms, and... an explanation of what got them killed, it's in here!

The fact is, most of the men in the Bible will tell you they're idiots. Let's read about Moses being an idiot. Here we go... Numbers 20:10-12 and Exodus 3:7-10 and 4:10-13. And pastor fills us in with some more stuff.

The sermon's only a little more than halfway through, so you'll want to here more. Why? Just try it, you'll like it.

Jul 11, 2010
Sunday Service
Exodus 3:7-10; Numbers 20:10-12
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