King James Bible ONLY Debate: is The KJV The Only Real Translation? White vs Waite

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Radio debate between Dr James White, director of "Alpha & Omega" Ministries (website: http://www.AOMIN.ORG) & Dr. D.A. Waite, director of "Bible for Today Ministries." Larry Wessels also participated in the weekly radio broadcast called "In Defense of the Faith" which is the broadcast in which this "KJV Only" debate took place.

"King James Onlyites" & "Ruckmanites" (of Peter S. Ruckman) make a big deal about how other Bible translations are inferior or in some cases "Satanic" (as per Gail Riplinger's "New Age Bible Versions" & her supporters such as Texe Marrs - see our video response to this, copy & paste "New Age Bible Versions" & the "King James Only" Controversy - A Refutation" in the YOUTUBE search box). But why hasn't this controversy been going on in the Christian church over the last 400 years since the KJV came out in 1611? Why does this controversy seem to be restricted only to the middle 1900s & beyond? There is a reason for this. The "King James Only" theory was started by a Seventh-Day Adventist & others then bought into it (much like any new cultic movement).

BENJAMIN WILKINSON. In the investigation of King-James-Version-Onlyism, (KJVO) just such a genealogy of error can be easily traced. All writers who embrace the KJV-only position have derived their views ultimately from Seventh-day Adventist missionary, theology professor and college president, Benjamin G. Wilkinson (d.1968), and then through one of two or three of his spiritual descendants. In 1930, he wrote "Our Authorized Bible Vindicated," a book of several hundred pages which attracted almost no attention in its day (no doubt because it was awash in a vast ocean of unmitigated error).

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Duration 1:52:18
Date Oct 3, 2011
Category Debate
Bible Text Acts 13:42; Hebrews 9:27
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