Unshackled - Testimony of Jessie Hale Downs


Co-founder of Jimmie Hale Mission, Jessie Hale Downs, died at age 92 on January 05, 2010, 4:25PM

With her husband, the late Jimmie Hale, Downs in 1944 founded the men's shelter. About 8 months later, Jimmie Hale died.

A 27-year-old pregnant widow, Downs could have easily found a career as a school teacher, but instead carried on the mission to reach out to those in need. "She kind of inherited this struggling organization with no money," Mission director Tony Cooper said. "She was committed to staying the course and she leaves behind a wonderful legacy."

That legacy includes addiction recovery programs, fundraising thrift stores, learning centers for education remediation and employment readiness programs.

See the YouTube video of her life at www.jimmiehalemission.com/content.asp?id=398587#JessieHaleDowns

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Date Jan 1, 2010
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