Answers Academy: Big Problems with the Big Bang

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Modern teens don't know what to believe about the Bible and Christianity. Fortunately, they earnestly want to know the truth!

The purpose of the Answers Academy apologetics curriculum is to equip viewers of all ages to answer the questions the world is asking about the authority and accuracy of the Bible. During the thirteen illustrated lessons included with the full curriculum kit, your class or small group will discover why it is vital to provide logical answers to skeptics, and how to give those answers with a solid understanding of what the Bible says about geology and astronomy. Viewers will learn that, contrary to popular belief, operational science runs counter to the idea of evolution and “millions of years.” The facts of nature, rightly interpreted, provide an irrefutable case for the accuracy and trustworthiness of the book that claims to be the inspired Word of the Creator Himself!

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Duration 30:23
Date Jun 1, 2005
Category Video DVD
Bible Text Genesis
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