Sexual Purity, Pt 3 of 4


We've been talking about this issue of sexual purity and started on Wednesday and I want to draw you back to 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 this morning and just kind of work our way through this a little bit. As I said last time, I'm very limited in what I'm able to do. I know that, I've known that all through my life. I can only help you understand what the Word of God says. That's all. I have no power. I have no cleverness. I have no particular insights that are going to change your life. I can't move you to another place. Spiritually I can't contribute to your holiness. I can't do anything to change your life, your behavior, your thought patterns. I understand my limitations. All I can do is tell you what the Word of God says.

And one of the things I'm so grateful for when I teach the Word of God, and obviously I've been doing this a long time, but one of the things I'm so grateful for is that the Bible is not ambiguous. I find myself today, nowadays, using the word ambiguous a lot. I've never lived in a time when evangelicalism was as ambiguous as it is now. It's really hard to figure out what anybody is saying. It's hard to figure out what the gospel is. Hard to figure out what the Christian life is about. Hard to figure out what anybody's theology about anything is. The ambiguity that is being spread in the name of Jesus Christ today is just astonishing. And in some cases it even gets beyond ambiguity and becomes basically betrayal of biblical truth. I guess, in one sense, I feel the divine mandate in the direction of precision when it comes to the Word of God, to be diligent and study, to show myself approved unto God, a workman not needing...

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Date Nov 3, 2009
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