Sexual Purity, Pt 2 of 4


Sexual sins were common. They were not only common, they were acceptable. These basically were designations of people we would say perverted people, but in that culture it was acceptable behavior. It was tolerated. It was even advocated. They lived in a no-shame culture. Now Christianity has had a great impact on that. When it invaded Corinth it began to change that no-shame culture by bringing biblical standards of morality in. Christianity went on to affect the western world. It jumped the Atlantic, came over here to America. Christianity affected America in really removing a no-shame culture. Christianity by bringing biblical principles of morality to bear upon society created a culture in which shame was connected to sexual sin. And we who are a little older, or a lot older, grew up in a world where harlotry, prostitution, sexual slavery, adultery, homosexuality of any kind were viewed as perversions of the rankest kind and you didn't even talk about them. I grew up in a world where if somebody was a divorcee, you barely were willing to breathe that word in public. Christianity created a certain amount of moral explanation in society that allowed people to heap shame upon those who didn't live up to that basic standard...

Nov 2, 2009
Radio Broadcast
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