Globalist Goals Advancing


What's happening in our world today may seem like chaos and upheaval, but for globalists, this is all part of the plan. So for there to be a great reset, everything must fall apart, including things such as your personal privacy, private property, the health care system, our supply chain, our economic and political systems, and even our spiritual system.

Joining Jim with an update on the factors that continue to push this agenda forward was Gary Kah. Gary is the founder and director of Hope For the World. Gary is editor of Hope for the World Update, is a former government trade specialist and an author. He is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.

With Gary as the guest, the information is plentiful so as you review this broadcast, get ready to take notes as he comments on the following:

Israel National News is reporting that the nation has 34 suspected cases of the Omicron COVID variant with 2 confirmed carriers, both of which are doctors who are fully vaccinated and have had the booster shots.

The implementation of vaccine passports/proof of vaccination. Some are being combined with other personal information to form a digital I.D.

Saule Omarova, President Biden's pick for Comptroller of the Currency, has spoken openly about destroying personal bank accounts and bankrupting oil companies.

What the COVID vaccine does to the body according to Dr. Don Boys, a former state representative from Indiana.

News from the Vatican surrounding Archbishop Vigano who is urging people to stand up and unite for an international anti-globalist alliance.

Actions taken by Pope Francis during 2021 that point to globalism.

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Date Jan 19, 2022
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