Examples of Alexander Pagani and His Involvement in the NAR

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On today's Contending for the Word show, Dawn hosts and discusses examples of Alexander Pagani's teaching, Peter Wagner, John Eckhard, and those influences on Pagani's life and ministry, along with why the Word is sufficient for the Christian and the Church.

What you'll hear in this episode
• Examples of Alexander Pagani's teaching.
• Peter Wagner, Alexander, and territorial spirits teaching.
• John Eckhart and his influence on the New Apostolic Reformation.
• Why the Word is sufficient for the Christian and the Church.
About Our Host
Dawn Hill is a Christian blogger known as The Lovesick Scribe and the host of The Lovesick Scribe Podcast. She is passionate about sharing the truth and pointing others back to Jesus Christ through the written Word as the standard of authority for Christian living and instruction while being led by the Holy Spirit into maturity. She is the author of NonProphet Woke: The Reformation of a Modern-Day Disciple. She is a wife to Nicholas and a mother to Anabel and Ephraim. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram
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