Acts 16:22-40

Miraculous Release From Imprisonment
After Paul & Silas are beaten they are thrown into the local jail. While in stocks in the inner part of the prison they start to sing songs about midnight. An earthquake caused the prison to be shaken and all the doors opened. Because no one escaped the jailer came to faith in Jesus Christ. Afterward his whole family believed and were baptized. They also tended to the Apostles' wounds. The next day a decree was given for their release but Paul insisted the magistrates come and escort them out. When they came they asked if they would leave the city. They left after going by Lydia's house and encouraging the believers. #37 Acts 16:22-40 Recorded on Nov 27, 2021 - Posted on 11/28/21

Nov 28, 2021
Bible Study
Acts 16:22-40; Proverbs 23:13-14
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