A Helpful or Hurtful Witness

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A Helpful or Hurtful Witness

11.26.2023 am service at Briggs Chapel

An introductory overview of Paul's letter and message to the church that gathered in Philippi (Philippians).

What Hinders Our Witness and Work?

What Helps Our Witness and Work?

Summary bullet points from the transcription of this message.

• Growing up, discipline, and faith.
◦ Pastor Nick Holden reminisces about his childhood, including his father's disciplinary methods and his own mischievous behavior.
◦ Pastor Nick recounts a specific incident where he disobeyed his father's instructions and started the family car, resulting in a lasting lesson about respecting boundaries.
◦ Pastor Nick discusses the church at Philippi, mentioning its founding in Acts 16 and the apostle Paul's establishing the work there and continued connection to the church.
◦ Pastor Nick shares insights on the joy and gladness found in the book of Philippians, highlighting the richness of the letter and its significance to the church.
• The witness and work of God in believers.
◦ God opened Lydia's heart to the gospel, and she immediately invited Paul to her house to stay and be cared for.
◦ Despite being beaten and imprisoned, the jailer got saved that night and brought Paul to his house to care for him, showing his newfound faith in action.
◦ Pastor Nick highlights the importance of praying for one another to abound in love, as seen in Philippians 1:9.
◦ He emphasizes the need to see the work of God in us and be effective in our journey, as mentioned in the letter.
• Growing in love and maturity through knowledge and discernment. ..

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Duration 36:10
Date Nov 27, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Acts 16; Philippians
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