The Eschatology of Unbelief

This series of messages focuses on refuting a false view of Bible prophecy referred to as Preterism – a system of biblical interpretation that had faded into obscurity in the 1st half of 20th century, but that has made a comeback and is gaining dangerous ground among Christians today. Using an allegoric or spiritualized approach to the scriptures, Preterism holds that all Bible prophecy, including the book of Revelation, Christ’s prophecies in of His return in the Olivet Discourse, and all other NT and OT prophecies of Christ’s second advent, His kingdom, and His reign on this earth has already been fulfilled, and in fact was fulfilled almost 20 centuries ago in the 1st century AD with the destruction of Jerusalem and replacement of national Israel with the Church as the Bride of Christ.

Preterism is not only downright folly and very sloppy exegesis that mangles the scriptures to fit them into a preconceived theological agenda – it is also a very dangerous belief system that makes a mockery of scripture and diminishes its authority, strips Bible prophecy of its relevance and importance, and causes its adherents to blindly ignore the way current events are unfolding in fulfillment of Bible prophecy and how the global economy and governments are being melded into one global satanic system, fostering compromise with the antichrist’s political and economic system.

This message, Part 1 of the series, provides an overview of the various eschatological positions and then refutes the preterist view of Revelation 20:1-6, showing that the passage must be taken literally; that Christ WILL reign gloriously on this earth for 1000 years. Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus!

Oct 27, 2013
Sunday Service
Revelation 20:1-6; Romans 11:25-27
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