A Call To The Ministry #4


What kind of men does the church draw to and set apart for its official ministry? The answer to this question provides a sure index of the state of that church. In the light of this fact, few things are of greater importance in the practical life of any congregation or denomination than its understanding of what constitutes a biblical call to the work of the ministry. Those who are vitally concerned with raising the standard of general godliness and piety in our churches must be concerned with raising the standard for entrance into the Christian ministry.

A help to many over the years, these studies touch the heart of the Christian ministry. Pastor Martin begins these lectures by examining six wrong, though not uncommon, reasons for entering the gospel ministry and then moves to four essential elements of the call. The mental, spiritual and practical gifts required for the pastoral office are also examined.

This message examines Four Spiritual Gifts required for the Christian ministry. There must be:

1- a deep, experimental knowledge of and…
2- a deep, constant, experimental acquaintance with…
3- a deep, genuine, demonstrable love for…
4- a measure of the authority of unction upon the…

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see also, “Unique Place of the Church in a Call to the Ministry” sermonaudio sermon #6602102422

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Duration 1:09:29
Date Apr 9, 1972
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