What Happens When a Christian Dies? Pt 1


People are called to believe in Jesus today in order to relieve anxiety...to believe in Jesus in order to escape emptiness...to believe in Jesus in order to be delivered from loneliness...to believe in Jesus in order to find a measure of happiness in this world...to believe in Jesus to have a better life with the people around you...to believe in Jesus to diminish your problems...to believe in Jesus to get a healing...believe in Jesus to get wealth. But the issue is to believe in Jesus to escape hell and enter heaven. There really is no promise that when you believe in Jesus you will never again have anxiety, emptiness, sorrow, or trouble. In fact that's not at all the case. And it seems to me that the unconverted people in our world seem to have more fascination with the future that they don't even know about and don't have any information about and certainly don't want the Bible to be the source of that information, but the unconverted seem to have more interest and more curiosity about whatever comes after death than believers do. Books on the afterlife, by the way, are best sellers in the secular world, even if they are not good sellers among Christians...

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Duration 28:56
Date Nov 25, 2009
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text 1 Peter 1
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