Stink’in Think’in Error of lifting up eyes to the "plains of Meonenim"

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Mysterious history of the errors of God's people in the plains of Meonenim. From the time that lot lifted up his eyes to the plains, to the desire of the Jews to return to Egypt, to the error of Israel, who sought enchantments in the plains of Meonenim; Bob Dewitt aks if it is possible that dispersed backslidden Jews are ancestors to the Kuki tribe in Burma. He suggests that it is possible that they brought their wicked enchantments from the plains of Meonenim to Asia?

God's people can influence nations for good or for bad. In this missions message Bob Dewitt shares how that it is possible that a lost tribe of Israel affected Asia thousands of years back with their wicked custom of setting up spirit houses just like they did in the plains of Meonenim. The Hebrew word Meonenim means "to seek the future.." Their is a tribe in Burma (The Kuki tribe) that has Jewish DNA that is believed to be the lost tribe of Manasseh. The only time the word Meonenim is mentioned in the Bible is with regards to Abimelech who was of the tribe of Manasseh. Brother Bob Dewitt suggests that God's people have historically influenced the world for good and for bad. He concludes that It is important that we be an influence for good through our evangelistic outreach of missions.

Nov 1, 2023
Midweek Service
Genesis 13:13; Judges 9:37
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