Matt Slick Live 01-05-2021


Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include:

1: Matt mentions the new website and if there are any problems, to let CARM staff know.

2: Matt discusses Rep Cleaver's use of the name Brahma in the opening prayer of Congress.

3: How do you talk to someone who doesn't believe in the Bible? How do you have discussions with them if you want to use the Bible when discussing things with them?

4: How do we know when we are "answering a fool according to his folly?" in regards to apologetics?

5: Who are those mentioned in Zechariah 4:14?

6: Do we use logic when reading and studying the Bible? How does that apply when reading Revelation?

7: What does Paul mean by "obligation" in Romans 1:14? Was that specific to him or does it apply to us?

8: What is gluttony?

9: Do I have to speak in tongues as evidence of being saved?

10: Do we confess every sin before God?

11: How is it that the devil is said to look like a dragon?

12: Why is the Methodist church allowing pastor Cleaver to continue leading them?

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Duration 47:57
Date Jan 5, 2021
Category Radio Broadcast
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