A Good Lesson from a Bad Example

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Let me encourage you to come to Luke 16. There are about 40 parables that our Lord gave, and nobody else in the New Testament gave any parables, so all the parables were given by our Lord. As we know, they were designed to hide the truth from unbelievers, but to reveal it to believers, those who have ears to hear. Parables were, in a sense, a judgment, a confirmation of rejection. At the same time, they were light to those who had the ears to hear. We find that this particular parable is designed to help believers, as they all are. At the end of the day, they are only going to help believers because only believers really understand them.

But this, in particular, is designed to speak to the sons of light. That would be all of those who are part of the kingdom of God. It is a parable that has to do with money, and that’s not odd because about one out of three parables will have something to do with money. That’s just the way life is. Somebody said if you live 80 years, you’ll spend 50 of those 80 years thinking about money one way or another...

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Duration 28:30
Date Nov 2, 2015
Category TV Broadcast
Bible Text Luke 16:1-13
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