The Role of the Church


Crosstalk asks several important questions including the importance of sound doctrine, why youth are leaving the Church, the rise of Islam and interfaith dialogue as well as the LGBTQ movement. Even with all of these things, Pastor Greg shares that his greatest concern is that 'it seems everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. That people are just deciding we should do church this way or that way and you see people following just as the Scriptures warn, wanting their ears tickled' (2 Timothy 4). He is grieved that the 'seeker sensitive model' which breaks God's principles is so forth going and 'isn't good.' He reiterates that 'the Church is for the saved to be built up, and THEN to go into the world that people would hear the Gospel and be saved.' Regardless, Pastor Greg's faith is strong in God and says the Church need remain steadfast in 'leading, guiding and protecting' the flock. Crosstalk takes your phone calls!

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Duration 53:26
Date Nov 21, 2018
Category Current Events
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