Romans 13 Does Not Teach Unlimited Obedience to the State

Given the condition of our current government and nation, many Christians are thinking about what their response should be to unjust government rule. A common song - "We are always to obey the government" - is being sung by many ministers. They base their teaching on Romans 13. This short sermon gives three convincing proofs that Romans 13 does not teach that we are to give unlimited obedience to the State. The three convincing proofs are:

  1. No where does Romans 13 state that we are to give unlimited obedience to the State, rather men impose such thoughts upon the text.
  2. Proper hermeneutics forbids such a conclusion – that we are to have unlimited obedience to the State – because there are many passages where the people of God disobey the State, and are commended by God for doing it.
  3. Romans 13 contains conditional clauses which make it clear that our obedience to the State is not to be unlimited.

Here is a link to this sermon in written form and to a short video. https://lessermagistrate.com/romans13/

Nov 18, 2012
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Romans 13
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