Genesis 2 and 3... NOT Seeker Sensitive! That's why most churches don't teach this


Pastor Chronister begins with, 'Good vs. Evil is Not a fair fight.' God always wins. Then he gets to Adam and Eve... and there's so much he discusses here that doing an overview is nearly impossible. Trust me... you might not like it. If you do, you're probably weird like us.
SO... Just open your text book, press play, and let's begin.

PS. If you happen to like this sermon, then please submit a comment and send pastor Chronister a letter to encourage him... or just send pizza for the buffet after the service at about 5:30pm Alaska time. That would really encourage him.

PSS. If you don't like any part of the sermon then call him and argue with him about what you didn't like. He's usually home to answer calls on Saturdays. That will encourage him too. Just be sure and bring a lunch… ‘cause he's going to eat it.

Sermon ID 112112032222
Duration 51:17
Date Jun 24, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 2; Genesis 3
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