Foundations Conference Speaker // Harold Vaughan

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Featured on Dec 3, 2023

On a personal note, I think this conference is unique in that it brings together speakers from very different circles. Harold Vaughan is an old-time evangelist that has a burden for prayer and revival. I'm thankful for my friendship with him. Enlarge your tent, enjoy the blessing, and make friends of God's children.

Harold Vaughan invites you to join us for The Foundations Conference in NYC, Dec 12-13, 2023. Speakers will include Steven Lawson, Joel Beeke, Alan Benson, Harold Vaughan, Ian Macleod, and Curtis Knapp.

Now more than ever, God's people need to get serious about focusing on the foundations of ministry: powerful preaching, united prayer, and God-honoring praise.

For this year, we will have the joy of singing some well-beloved psalms from our newly-published Foundations Psalter in Scripture-based praise. In an increasingly divided world, let us gather around these foundations of ministry and enjoy a season of fellowship, refreshment, and unity.


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Duration 02:36
Date Nov 17, 2023
Category Podcast
Bible Text Acts 6:4
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