Always, Only Good: A Journey of Faith Through Mental Illness


What do you do when tragedy strikes? How do you respond when someone you love battles with a matter you have no idea how to solve? You consult with spiritual leaders, health care professionals, trusted consultants, and still there appears to be more questions than answers. And what happens when it seems the bottom falls out from your life. To whom do you turn? As the guest on this edition of Crosstalk knows, despite the trials, the challenges, and the heartaches, God is Always, Only Good.

Shelly Hamilton has been a vital part in the ministry of her husband—Ron Hamilton, whose alias is Patch the Pirate. In 1978, she chose, along with her husband, to "rejoice in the Lord" through the loss of his eye to cancer. The tragedy they walked through was transformed into a lifelong blessing of music and ministry to children, families, churches, and schools around the globe.

Shelly continues to trust in God following the tragic death of their son Jonathan and the many trials they subsequently faced as a family, now including Ron's early-onset dementia that has so changed their lives. For decades, Shelly has served as administrative producer of the Majesty Music products including the Patch the Pirate Adventure Series, two hymnals—Majesty and Rejoice Hymns, and numerous other works. Ron served as a local church music minister for over two decades and Shelly served beside him as church pianist, special music coordinator, and administrative music librarian. She continues in faithful local church music ministry as a congregational pianist and accompanist. She is author of the book, Always, Only Good: A Journey of Faith Through Mental Illness.

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Date Jan 31, 2022
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