Explaining the Heresy of the Catholic Mass, #1



I want you tonight, if you will, to understand my heart. I...I have to confess to you that the biggest grief, of course, in my life and you will understand this because it is yours as well and it is the Lord's, is that we find no pleasure in the death of the wicked. We find no delight in people who are condemned to hell. We long that people be saved. That is the great heart cry of every true Christian, salvation for all they know. As we learned from the story this morning of the rich man in hell, even in hell he had an evangelistic passion wanting somebody to go and warn his brothers. If that is the impulse of those who are the damned, what kind of impulse do the redeemed have for the salvation of sinners that they may escape eternal hell? There are many religions in the world who promise heaven and do not deliver it; many religions in the world that are satanic deceptions. All of them, in fact, but the true faith and the true gospel fall into that category.

Roman Catholicism belongs in the category of false religions, clearly. Not because of what I say about them, but because what they say about the Bible and what they say about the gospel and what they say about religion. All one needs to do to understand a false religion is to see what they believe and understand what they advocate and they can be then measured against the Word of God so that we can clearly understand that.

Today there is a very, very aggressive and concerted effort among evangelical people, so many of whom don't know the true gospel...

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Date Apr 30, 2006
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