Exposing the Idolatry of Mary Worship: What the Bible Says


We have been looking at the subject of the idolatry of Mary worship in what is really a study of false religion, Roman Catholicism, and its worship of Mary. Interestingly enough I this past week had the opportunity to be on the Larry King Show, some of you probably saw it, with a whole group of Roman Catholics and several priests. And in the Green Room there were some Catholic apologists and Catholic media people, and Roman Catholic publicity people and there were some young men from the Vatican Seminary and the usual Father Manning. I was checking on my facts as I had the opportunity to do that in talking to them about things and it was affirmed to me that the very things that we are talking about in this study of Mary are the things to which they are truly and genuinely devoted...


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Duration 1:12:40
Date Apr 23, 2006
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