The Gospel Must Be Preached In All Its Purity

If you could only hear Rolfe Barnard one time, this could well be the message you ought to listen to. Take the time right here, and play or download this sermon.

A perverted gospel makes perverted church members, and perverted churches, and perverted people, and a perverted nation. We must preach the Gospel of God in all its purity, power and proper order. We must not be of the many who corrupt the Word of God in order to gain converts; they will reduce the price to make a bargain and get members.

We must not be hucksters trying to push Christ off on people who are not willing to pay the full price. Let us preach Christ my LORD as He is, or not preach Him at all. Again, says our preacher, in following the pattern of the Apostle Paul: WE MUST NOT CORRUPT THE WORD OF GOD.

There is a warning here: If you have received "a gospel" that is simple and easy for the natural man, then you have not received the True Gospel and will die in your sins. A saving "conversion" involves a miracle of God's grace, in arresting you and giving you the will to believe and come to Christ. If God never opens your eyes to see the beauty of Christ, you are sure for Hell. SALVATION IS OF THE LORD! You're in HIS hands.

Mar 26, 1961
Special Meeting
2 Corinthians 2:14-17
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