The Scandal of Grace, #2

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Let's get back to our study of God's Word. You may remember from last time, we began to answer the question, why did the Pharisees hate Jesus? In fact, if you were with us last time, you probably noticed some similarities between the Pharisees and the older son in the story of the Prodigal Son.

Those similarities were intentional--the older son in Christ's parable represents the Pharisees. They trusted in their own works-based self-righteousness, just as the older son did. They arrogantly looked down on sinners who didn't meet their legalistic standard, just as he did. And as we're about to see, they could not allow grace to be poured out on people who they believed did not deserve it, just like the older son.

Open your Bible and join me for another look at The Scandal of Grace.

Sermon ID 111309171436
Duration 28:30
Date Nov 15, 2009
Category TV Broadcast
Bible Text Mark 2:13-17
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