Should we kill Muslims?

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Many today are trying to equate Evangelical Christians with Islamic terrorists. They often point to passages in the Old Testament where God commands His people to kill the Canaanites. 'See, your God is just like Allah and you people are just as bad as the Muslims,' they say. But do such passages justify a Christian jihad against Muslims and other enemies of Christ?

This sermon examines Israel's slaughter of the Canaanites and shows why God commanded so many to be put to death in the Old Testament? We also show how such passages can never be used to justify physical aggression against our spiritual enemies. Finally, an appeal is made to come to the incomparable Christ for life and love.

A video address has also been prepared in a format which will appeal to unbelievers.

Sermon ID 111206123250
Duration 34:15
Date Nov 12, 2006
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Deuteronomy 20:16-17
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