The Carnal Christian Doctrine #2


Two of the earlier recorded sermons of Pastor Martin and just as powerful today. This two-part series addresses that teaching which says, contrary to the clear teaching of the bible concerning true conversion and living the Christian life, that a person may be converted and yet live with indifference to a pursuit of personal holiness. This unbiblical doctrine teaches that a person may have assurance of salvation but yet show little or no evidence of a transformed life.

These two sermons examine this teaching, commonly called “The Carnal Christian Doctrine”, in the light of the words of I Corinthians 3 and of the larger context of Holy Scripture. We urge you to listen carefully to both sermons beginning with message number one.

Also available in RealAudio® format on www.tbcnj.org.

This message (TE-C-2) is part of a series. Cassette tapes and CD's may be purchased through Trinity Book Service.

Sermon ID 11110485918
Duration 54:52
Date Jan 12, 1964
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Romans 6:15; Romans 8:1-14
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