James 3 Part 9: Supernatural Wisdom

Wisdom which comes from above, in its essential nature, is pure, it is clean, it is perfect. It must be, for is the emanating fullness, in principle, of what God is in Truth. Because this wisdom must be sourced from the eternal Mind, the Pure and Holy Himself, all that radiates from that source will be consistent with that source.
Unless Christ is reigning in the heart of a man, renewing the man's mind after the word of God, converting the soul, and redirecting and informing his strengths and desires, there can be no purity about his motives, his directions, his choices nor his thoughts.
Like the sunrays, that beam and bring the light and heat with it, the ray only brings what it originally had from the sun, the source itself. To see and to measure the rays is essentially to see and measure the sun itself.
When we willingly and knowingly replace and confuse the will of God revealed in scripture with the wisdom of men, the proverbs of an unsaved world, and the mantras of an ungodly society, then, like intruding clouds that litter the sky, something of this world interposes itself between the light of heaven and the way we see things here. How can we see clearly? We won't, and we can't, until the strength of the sun outshines them and burns up the morning fog of our thought life.

Nov 17, 2019
Sunday Service
James 3:13-18
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