The Briefing 10-08-15 (Abortion, Doctors Without Borders, Gambling, Muppets)

  1. Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders taking moral responsibility for mistaken hospital strike Obama Apologizes for Afghan Airstrike on Hospital, Wall Street Journal (Carol E Lee and Felicia Schwartz) 2) Congress appoints special committee to investigate abortion more broadly Special House committee will investigate Planned Parenthood, abortion issues, Washington Post (Mike DeBonis) 3) Ohio effort to aid addicted gamblers example of biological reduction of moral accountability State launching new campaign to combat problem gambling, Columbus Dispatch (Alan Johnson) 4) Revived Muppets show's promiscuous characters illustrates extent of sexual revolution How ABC's ‘The Muppets' killed Jim Henson's vision of making the world a kinder place, Religion News Service (Brandon Ambrosino)
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Duration 22:35
Date Oct 8, 2015
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