The New People of God

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Having been rejected by the leaders of Israel, Dr. Felker shares how Jesus established a new people of God starting with the appointment of the 12 apostles. Then he shows how Jesus began to reveal the mission of the church which includes training disciples both by teaching and mentoring; sending out preachers and missionaries to preach the gospel; and ministering to the suffering. Finally, he explains how we become true members of His church, the new people of God. It is not by physical birth (as a Jew or Christian) but by the new spiritual birth. Entrance into this new family of God is open to all nations. He also shows one key evidence of those who are truly born again and members of this new people of God (obedience). The audio is from a Sunday sermon and the video is from a Wednesday Bible study at a different location 10 days later.

Oct 1, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 3:13-19; Mark 3:33-35
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