The Alpha Course: Its Dangers Part 1


In the eyes of many the Alpha Course has been a 'run-away-success' and its fame has spread far beyond the UK, and Holy Trinity Brompton, the London church where it originated.  It is no exaggeration to say it has spread right across the world and is now finding friends in several continents.  It has been adapted so as to be accessible to young people and has also proved versatile enough to be used in prisons, schools and places of work. But the Alpha Course has a poison at its heart. In trying to be all things to all men it ends up compromising the very heart of the gospel and therefore is dangerous. This message is the first part of an investigation of the dangers of Alpha.

Sermon ID 10705134436
Duration 40:50
Date Oct 2, 2005
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Acts 17
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