Arminianism Another Gospel 1/2 - Calvin, Spurgeon, Edwards, Owen, Rutherford, et al



Spurgeon: "Free will has carried many souls to hell but never a soul to heaven."

A Jesuit: "Now we have planted the Sovereign Drug Arminianism, OUR FOUNDATION IS ARMINIANISM."

Rous: "Arminianism is the very essence of Popery."

Toplady: "The charge on which many of the Protestant martyrs were burnt at the stake was that they held to the doctrine of predestination & rejected the Arminian and Popish doctrine of free-will."

"It is often alleged that Arminianism & Calvinism only differ in that the former chiefly stresses man's responsibility and the latter lays all the weight upon Divine Sovereignty. This is not correct. The Arminian does stress man's responsibility to the exclusion of the sovereignty of God, & this is a fruitful cause of more than one error. The man, on the other hand, who stresses the sovereignty of God to the exclusion of man's responsibility is a hyper-Calvinist & is in error on this aspect of truth just as surely as the Arminian. The true Calvinist lays stress on both doctrines as they are unfolded in the inspired and infallible Word of God" (Foreword).

"All the sects which have sprung up in these latter times… Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostalists, Mormons, Christadelphians, Cooneyites, etc., have all in common, the fatal lie of free willism. It is Satan's sovereign drug, which causes the soul to sleep in delusion, & the end of such delusion is death."

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Bible Text Ephesians 1; Romans 9
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