Can You Sin In Heaven? If not, just how is that possible if we still have free will?

Believe it or not, our pastor is still in the discussion of the 7's. He's just on an important support trail right now. It'll make sense to you eventually... or not. Remember... All 7’s bring you back to the Creation 7.

But back to our question that an astute YouTube listener presented to us a couple of weeks ago. It has to do with free will in heaven, and won’t free will require that we sin? So... let's sit back and let our pastor take this this one on. What we're waiting for here is, does he answer this question, or does he just give us more questions? He starts with some "If, then what?" statements. We'll see where he goes from there. Satan wants us to believe, "Free will is only demonstrated by sin." I will tell you this much... the lecture goes from really good to even better. And no, I never made much money in sales.

He gets us to the point where we can answer the question on our own, and he ties it all in to our discussion of Adam and Eve. How? I’ll give you a hint. They are the only ones so far who know what it's like to live without sin. If you’re thinking, “Jesus”, just stop. He’s God.

If you’re new to this pastor’s teaching, we should warn you... this happens to be the advanced class. So, if you stumbled in here by accident, it’s alright. You are quite welcome here. Just make sure you have your TextBook and a notebook and be sure to write down your questions. You’re welcome to send the ones you’re having trouble with to pastor Chronister.

Thank you for listening to this strange man. What we can't figure out is, why do some of you even consider supporting this ministry? We're astounded and surprised, but we are also very grateful.

Mar 19, 2017
Sunday Service
Genesis 2:7-25; Genesis 3:1-8
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