Acts 15:1-41

Conflict & The Jerusalem Council
False brethren came in adding circumcision to the work of Christ and causing division. Paul and company were sent by the church in Antioch to Jerusalem to confer with the leaders over this matter. After debate, testimony, and Scripture they send a decree by letter back to the church in Antioch. Several brethren, one of which was Silas, return with Paul and his party. The letter was circulated and everyone was set straight on the issue. This was a pivotal point in the age of the Church. The chapter concludes with Paul and Barnabas sharply disagreeing on taking John Mark with them on their second missionary journey. Paul & Silas were sent out by the church to Syria and Cilicia while Barnabas and Mark went to Cypress. 35th in a series from the Book of Acts - Acts 13:16-52 recorded in home studio Midtown Sacramento, California. 10//28/2021

Oct 30, 2021
Bible Study
Acts 15; Amos 9:11-12
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