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These are critical times. That's why Crosstalk works hard to help you stay up to date concerning news events taking place around the world. Here's a selection of stories from the first quarter hour of the broadcast:

--Israeli Defense Forces said today that they are expanding their ground operation into Gaza.

--The Israeli Defense Forces and the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service) successfully killed the deputy head of Hamas' intelligence department, who along with another Hamas leader, planned the October 7th attack.

--The U.S. military conducted air strikes on two facilities in eastern Syria yesterday. That's in response to ongoing attacks against American military and personnel in Iraq and Syria over the past week.

--An approximate 900 additional troops stationed in the U.S. are being deployed to the Middle East in response to all that's taking place.

--19 American service members stationed in Iraq and Syria have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after rocket and drone attacks from Iran backed militants last week.

--A man was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles after trying to invade the home of a Jewish family. He was heard yelling, "Free Palestine" and "Kill Jews."

--Several Jewish students were attacked and injured by a pro-Palestinian mob at Tulane University.

--Maine Governor Janet Mills said yesterday that 18 people are dead and 13 were injured after a gunman opened fire Monday evening in multiple locations in the town of Lewiston, Maine. Police have a warrant out for the arrest of Robert Card.

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