Why God Waits. And God is not your organ grinder monkey


This is the 4th of July Special Sermon. Pastor tells us that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, so we'll have a Special Sermon then too. Yeah, right. This pastor has absolutely no regard for special sermon days. It's plowing ahead into Romans. This time we jump to chapter 2.

Paul correctly divides gentiles from Jews. In Romans 1 the gentiles are without excuse. But Paul tells us there are two things we have to do. Be thankful and give glory to God. If you are not thankful, and you are not giving glory, you are saying effectively that God is not good. Why do we exist? Why does anything exist? Because God is Good. Why are any saved? Why aren't all condemned? Goodness. But we exchange God's grace and truth for the lie. Pastor Chronister does a commendable job of explaining this (of course... I get paid to say that). People that do that, say, "I read the Bible and I don't get it." They won't get it. The Bible is for the saved.

Jews are without excuse. They killed His prophets and they rejected Christ. They still today hate salvation by Grace alone, through Faith alone.

Both are without excuse, but according to Dr. Fruchtenbaum, who came to this church many years back, we gentiles are not qualified to talk to Jews, and he's right. So, if you're a Jew we're not talking to you... we're talking to the blind dumb gentiles. We can do that. All Jews are saved the same way all gentiles are saved, but we're talking to us moron gentiles. But God says to the Jews in Romans 2:24 that the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you.

If you have a salvation by works you are blaspheming God.

Anyway... this sermon is all about getting you saved if you're not.

Jul 4, 2010
Sunday Service
Habakkuk 1:1; Romans 2:23-24
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