Israel vs. Hamas


Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ. He started the Truth in Love Project and is the founding pastor of Truth in Love Ministry. Shahram exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America. He has served as a pastor, a police officer and a former candidate for Governor in Washington State.

Jim read a quote from President Isaac Herzog of Israel that appeared in Israel National News. The president indicated that the Hamas attack doesn't represent Islam and that this isn't a war of Jews against Muslims, it's a war between the people of light and the people of darkness, between good and evil.

Shahram commented that this is a delusional statement. He followed this up by asking what you'd say to those who've been in the path of Islam over the past 1,400 year? One example is Shahram's birth nation of Iran that fell to Islam. He noted that Islam has not been loving in Iran, or about freedom or tolerance regarding women or religious minorities. Instead, Islam has been nothing but totalitarian, abusive and murderous.

Shahram believes the statement from President Herzog is a political one that seeks to placate; that perhaps there's pressure from the Biden administration since we know Israel is delaying the ground invasion of Gaza. This pressure from the U.S. could be due to the many pro-Hamas individuals serving within the Biden administration.

Critical to this discussion is Hamas and their history. Hamas was started by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood was formed in 1928 and eventually they supported the Nazi cause of Jewish extermination.

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Date Oct 26, 2023
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