The Abundance of his Traffic: As more Angels believed his lies, what did that do?

We start this Sunday's lecture with a letter from Shari and she is always running into people who believe that Christ is separate from the God of the Old Testament, and they say that the people who wrote the Bible were a bunch of bigoted old men. So that's what we must get into today.

To start with our pastor reviews the attributes of Satan after his fall that we started to cover last week. So, if you're listening to this and not watching it on video, you can look at the lecture description for last week’s sermon and that's where you'll find the list. We're adding substance to the items on that list. Did Satan's confidence and wickedness grow as he got angles to believe him? We have the same kind of progression of evil here as we do in Genesis 4 with Cain killing Able. We know that Satan went Angel to Angel with his lies and he took down a third of them.

We add to the list from last week with Genesis 3:

Lake of Fire
Seed Killed

So, our pastor spends a considerable amount of time helping us understand what this process is. Somehow, I get the idea that Satan must have been the first progressive.

Most of today's pastors will answer the question, "Why does God wait?" with, "God needed time to figure out what to do." You've GOT to be kidding me! Really? But now we move on to talk a little about the Bulls of Bashan. Psalms 22:12 is talking about Israel, and not Christ.

Let's consider the Bulls... Psalms 22, Exodus 32 and Luke 15.

Enjoy the lecture. Write down your questions so you can take the ones you're having trouble with and write or call this preacher. He'll be glad to help.

Jun 25, 2017
Sunday Service
Genesis 3:14-15; Psalm 22:12
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