The Just Shall Live By Faith! It's an extraordinary statement by Paul, first Habakkuk


We're still in the introduction phase of The Book Of Romans. Looking back as I write this description in October 2020, this amazing set of lecture discussions by our pastor, Stephen A. Chronister, is going to be well over three hundred sermons in length, along with some asides because of current events. We're just now putting a bunch of lectures that were missing from this series onto SermonAudio and our own, all new, www.cliffside.org and our new app. If you're locked down and want to listen to more before we can get them uploaded, go to cliffside.podbean.com or iTunes. Curt has dutifully captured them all there in podcast form and for download or streaming.

Right now, Cliffside is in total lockdown because we are only doing studio type services and the audio/video crew, Therithithy and Supper Dave (if they exist) are quarantined due to prolonged exposure to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 (we are fine). Cliffside should be up and operating again with the Joel Series on the 7th of November.

And now... a short description of this lecture (or you could just skip this and press play).

The main theme of Romans is extraordinary: The Just... Shall Live... By Faith. Our pastor has separated it into those three pieces. It's very important you understand what these three are telling you. It should be familiar to you if you study the Bible. Paul is quoting the last part of verse 2:4 of Habakkuk. This is Romans 1:17, the thesis statement that Paul consumes his life with. So, to study Romans, you have to study Habakkuk. Pastor explains, because it needs explanation. Paul makes the argument for Grace better than anyone.

So, you're on your own from here. Enjoy!

Jun 27, 2010
Sunday Service
Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17
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