Brandan Robertson on the Death of Christianity, Jared Wilson and Galatians 2, Open Ph


Started off briefly reminding folks that A&O is a ministry that depends on individuals for our continued support. Also mentioned that we have a travel fund http://www.aomin.org/aoblog/support-us/ that allows me to get to all the places I go and minister to many who would not be able to bring me in otherwise. Then we looked at an article Brandan Robertson posted recently on the death of Christianity, and considered the inevitable process of his abandonment of the faith. Then we looked at Jared Wilson’s article at TGC today, and then opened the phones, covering a ton of topics, including a lengthy look at Job 2:9 amongst others. Toward the end Sye Ten Brugencate jumped in, as he was observing the program from out in the control room with Rich. Just over 90 minutes today.

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Date Oct 25, 2018
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