Signs of the End Times: Mandates & Money

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This expository sermon presents two more key signs of the end times. The first is the growing practice and acceptance of universal mandates, as seen in Rev. 13:15-17. The focus is upon the mandate to accept "the mark of the beast," what it means and how it will be used. Since the pandemic has conditioned us to accept various mandates and since the technology is not available, this sign indicates that we could we be living in the last days. Then in chapter 18 Dr. Felker analyzes the world economy of the last days. Many parallels to today also show that we are approaching the last days. If so, it is all the more important for unbelievers to be saved by repentance and faith in Christ while they can, and we believers need to finish the task of evangelism and missions.

Oct 17, 2021
Sunday Service
Revelation 13
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