Arminianism Agrees With Roman Catholicism And Calvinism Agrees With The Bible

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An amazing testimony from former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett, chronicling his journey from the very belly of the Roman Catholic beast, to the marvelous light of God's free and sovereign grace.

Knowledgeable in languages, history and theology, Richard Bennett, who is now a Calvinist, demonstrates how Arminianism is essentially Roman Catholic heresy -- while showing how the errors inherent in Arminianism and Arminian preaching, especially concerning evangelism, greatly confused and hindered him as he was leaving the Roman Catholic Church.

Free will has long been the mainstay of the Romish Antichrist, but our Reformed forefathers were not fooled by this humanistic lie of the devil.

For example, both Martin Luther (in his debate with the Roman Catholic scholar Erasmus, see Luther's Bondage of the Will) and John Calvin (see Calvin's response to the Dutch Roman Catholic theologian Albert Pighius, in his Bondage and Liberation of the Will) faithfully defended the teaching of Scripture against the Roman Catholic (and Arminian) belief in free will.

In his testimony in this MP3 Richard Bennett does the same, illustrating how the same great battles of the First and Second Reformations continue to rage in our day.

Fittingly, this stirring testimony was given at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, where Charles Spurgeon preached.

For more on the connection between Arminianism and Roman Catholicism please see the free Reformation resources online at:

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Duration 42:58
Date Oct 24, 2009
Category Testimony
Bible Text Ephesians 1; Romans 9
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