No Punishment For Sin? That's what people want who think they will cease to exist


This week we start off with current events, so enjoy that. Now, this is from a 2010 viewpoint but it's very informational as to what the Bible says about all this. What's the rapture going to do? Our pastor has an answer, and he just might be right. And that's all I have to say about that.

Introduction to Romans... yes, more stuff about quantum physics and astronomy. Is the universe infinite? We will get into the created order and the billions of trillions of things that God created. Isn't every church talking about quantum physics and time dilation and astronomy when they preach on Romans? Romans 1:28 says that if people don't get that God created everything, He will give them up to a debased mind. "Mind"... yes, a nonphysical, nonmaterial entity. God says you have one, and he will step away and let you become evil (well, not you per say. Just the ones who refuse to turn to Him). This is immortality vs. existence, or radical dualism vs. monism. We talk about memory loss. Why do we have it? There are people who don't have it... it's not good. There's more, but I'll let you listen. It's fascinating and a little funny. This is The Book of Romans. Are you surprised? I was.

Why do people want to cease to exist? They want no punishment for sin.

How do we have reality? The mind processes your reality. So, who's reality is really true? Yes... our pastor talks about this. We are a mind... that has a body. What's the worst thing that can happen to a mind? A young man who is lovesick.

Anyway... The point of studying Romans is for you to be able to easily withstand it when someone tries to shake your faith.

So, let's go. Get out a notebook, open your TextBook and press play.

Jun 13, 2010
Sunday Service
Romans 1:28
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