Romans! Salvation By Grace! But there's so much here that no one ever talks about


This is the very first lecture in the Romans Series. Scholars consider Romans to be the preeminent doctrinal work of the entire New Testament, but our pastor considers it to be The Book of John. John gives you the deity of Christ, and that's much more important.

The theme of the Book of Romans is Salvation by Grace alone, by Faith alone, through Christ alone. So, Romans could be considered the derivative of John's theme because Christ must be God in order to provide salvation. It's the results of Christ's Godhood. So, Romans is the logical extension of The Book of John.

But Romans does a bunch of other things. It sends us headlong into the creation, evolution debate. So, that'll be really fun. Romans 1:20 says the invisible attributes of God are clearly seen, which means mankind is without excuse. Colossians 1:17 says that Jesus Christ holds everything together... the created order: Time, Space and Energy. And it's quantum physics and astronomy. We'll get back into Void 1 and Void Zero, the relativity of time, and entropy. We'll do cosmic radiation and the uniform temperature of the universe, and we don't have enough light to make it that way... and oh, we will get into so much more.

Salvation by grace makes you talk about the evidence, because at the end of your life there will be a trial.

We'll find out why Paul put the pieces that he did into Romans, and why did he put them in the order he does. We will also get into the 8th Mystery, the Antichrist. And we will talk about king Saul and Saul/Paul the apostle and what they're both known for. Who taught Paul?

So, buckle up and pull out your note taking device, then open your TextBook and press play!

Jun 6, 2010
Sunday Service
Romans 1:20; Romans 1:24-32
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