Did Satan Learn To Lie? So what made him become the father of lies?

Quick Programing Note: We’ve gone over 26,000 views so far on our YouTube Channel, and there are over 100 recent lectures available there. Just thought you’d like to know. Besides... the jokes are funnier when you watch them.

The pregame show this Sunday is so controversial that we turned off all recording devices so that Supper Dave (that's me) wouldn't be tempted to put it on YouTube.

We missed a Sunday last week, so nobody knows where we are. Therefore our pastor will do an extensive recap. We have been answering some very great questions from our Internet audience and we have even more that came in over the past two weeks.

We start off with the 1000 year binding of Satan. But it's ineffective in regard to people still choosing death in the Millennium. These are the goats. So what’s the anatomy of this decision making process?

Most churches today hate what this pastor teaches. This lecture is really about "picking up the axe head" (which is one of the favorite things I've learned here at Cliffside). That starts at 2 Kings 6:5. It's also, "Well done thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful...", found in Matthew 25.

And the introduction goes on... But we're going to get into the Logic, Anatomy, and Order in which Satan begins being the father of lies.

This is quite a discussion, and very interesting to people who are hearing it for the first time. This part of the lecture culminates with the, "I Will's" of Isaiah 14:13-14. Of course, this preacher punctuates it with a few rants along they... just the way we like it! So you would do well at this point to press play, and get out your notebook and TextBook.

Jun 4, 2017
Sunday Service
2 Kings 6:5-7; Isaiah 14:13-14
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