The Lord's Greatest Prayer, Part 3

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The famous and familiar Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6 – it’s called the Lord’s Prayer – is a prayer that Jesus would never pray. It’s a prayer that He could never pray, because it’s a prayer that asks for forgiveness of transgressions and debts. That does not apply to Him. So what we call the Lord’s Prayer is a prayer He could not pray. But John 17 is the true Lord’s Prayer, because He prayed it; and this is a prayer that no human could ever pray. That becomes reinforced to us as we study each of these verses.

 From beginning to end, this chapter is the Lord’s Prayer; He prayed it. It is pure prayer, and it is for us, it is for us. It is the Lord Jesus praying for us, praying for His people. And because it is for us, it is an incomprehensible priviledge to have this prayer written down in Scripture. The eleven disciples heard Him pray these words. But in the purposes of God, they were written down so all believers through all time could also hear. This is a firsthand opportunity to hear what’s on the Lord’s heart for His people. This prayer was prayed deep into Friday morning in the darkness as the disciples walked toward the garden of Gethsemane where our Lord would pray, and be tempted, and overcome that temptation, and then be arrested by a crowd led by Judas; and later on that Friday, He would be crucified.
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Duration 28:30
Date Oct 2, 2017
Category TV Broadcast
Bible Text John 17:6-10
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