Math, Physics, Consciousness. And a whole lot of fun with Diet Coke

Be it known unto you... there shall be no class next week. For Alaskans Memorial Day weekend is almost up there with a High Holy Day.

We actually have a visitor today. She was once a part of our local congregation and now she’s become a part of our vast Internet audience. But somehow she found us, so we must not be hidden well enough, which is something we shall have to remedy.

Today’s lecture starts with... wait for it... Relativity. We have an Omnipresent Observer because quantum mechanics shows us that for things to exist in the physical realm, it must be observed. And pastor tells us that consciousness only comes from consciousness. ... But what’s this?!...

... Oh this is too funny... at this point our pastor picks up his Diet Coke to take a drink and everyone in the congregation lifts up their own hidden Diet Coke in unison and drinks with him. The place falls apart and pastor can't stop laughing. Today let it be known that comedy came to Cliffside.

But we must get back to the lecture. We learn that Mathematics, Physics and Consciousness makes up what we call Reality. The non-physical affects the physical but the physical cannot effect or cause the consciousness. And Mathematics proceeds consciousness.

We read Isaiah 65:17-25 as Biblical proof of the preceding statements. So follow along with us and listen to this pastor's commentary and or rants. And this is also Sally's “100 year” question from a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Sally! Be it also known... some really cool stuff is being discussed here. So, if you want to learn and laugh with us, there's only one thing you can do. Yep... you've got it. Press play.

May 21, 2017
Sunday Service
Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 1:13-16
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