Waiting on God and Being Strengthened in the Waiting Waiting on God in Faith: How Wai

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In the latest episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot explore the biblical theme of waiting upon God, drawing from Scriptures such as Psalms 25 and 27. They discuss how waiting on God is an active stance of faith, involving obedience, fellowship, prayer, reflection, and preparation, rather than inactivity. Dr. Caldwell emphasizes that waiting signifies believing and trusting in the Lord, which may involve enduring difficult circumstances with patience and submission to God's will. He highlights the importance of maintaining the right perspective during waiting periods, focusing on prayer and community rather than frustration and isolation. The episode also reflects on the strength and confidence gained from waiting faithfully, as mentioned in Isaiah 40:31, and acknowledges that some aspects of our faith may only be vindicated after this life, drawing parallels to historical periods like the early church under Roman rule and the Protestant Reformation. The central message is that waiting on God is a crucial aspect of Christian life, requiring a steadfast faith that stands firm even in challenging times.

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Date Nov 16, 2023
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