What Happened in the Beginning?

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What Happened in the Beginning?

Let's recap what we've read in Genesis thus far. We'll consider words like history, time, prehistoric, science, dinosaurs, and many others.

Walk with me as we field some questions about the creation, our beginnings, our fall, our bloodline, and the flood.

A recap of where we started in Genesis 1 up to where we are in Genesis 19.

I'd encourage anyone to go back and listen to previous teachings on these subjects found in Genesis and expounded upon in other passages throughout the Bible.


"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…" Genesis 1

Before feeling an overwhelming need to explain it — I encourage everyone to SIMPLY EMBRACE it by faith. How? By Believing and trusting it, as it is given. It's the foundation of everything we know, can know, and enjoy in this life and the one to come. Every aspect of triumph and trouble can be traced back to the first 12 chapters of Genesis.

When we embrace it as it is unveiled, over man's word, ideas, and opinions on life, then we'll thoroughly enjoy the Creator, more and more, and the revelation He's given us, as we explore it and explain what we see and celebrate.

Genesis 1:1 is a summary statement "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And then verse two begins to explain what He did when He did when He created this inhabited world.

Who made Noah righteous... God! Why was Noah made righteous? God graced Him and made Himself and His ways known to Noah. Was it by chance or an accident that He found grace in the eyes of the Lord? No, not at all. Within the loins of Noah was the seed of the Messiah. He was born in a line orchestrated and then curated by

Feb 22, 2024
Sunday Service
Genesis 1; Genesis 19
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